What Is Coworking?

Sunrise Solars Coworking
Sunrise Solars Coworking

The term "coworking" (as in collaborative workspaces like Sunrise Solars Coworking) was coined by Brad Neuberg around 2005. At that time, Neuber said, “It seemed I could either have a job which would give me structure and community, or I could be freelance and have freedom and independence. Why couldn’t I have both?”

As a result, Neuberg launched the first coworking site in San Francisco and the rest, as they say, is history. The concept flourished and spread across the country and the globe. It became a movement.

Since that time, people from a variety of industries have used coworking spaces. These spaces combine the freedom of self-direction with the advantages of a sense of community in workspaces. Coworkers from companies (as well as freelancers) work near one another, in shared spaces.

Why Choose Coworking?

Coworking allows the flexibility of selecting a convenient, fully equipped office space anywhere they are needed geographically. This working model also shaves the costs of traditional, single location offices, including real estate ownership, custodial services, and utilities.

To enjoy the productivity of a coworking facility, all you need to bring is your own computer bag, backpack or briefcase with personal essentials for the coworking office!

What’s It Like to Work at Sunrise Solars?

We help you kick off your workday with free coffee to enjoy at your private desk in a comfortable, ergonomic desk chair. The workspaces provide plentiful natural light to keep your circadian rhythms in sync, even as you work… but the benefits of working at Sunrise Solars don’t stop there.

You can feel good about your energy footprint at Sunrise Solars, because our building has passive solar design with active solar panels on the roof. We offer many office amenities too!

Working at Sunrise Solars Coworking in Lanham NY

Coworking Office Amenities

  • Free parking
  • Fast, secure internet connections
  • Free printing credits
  • Meeting rooms equipped with conference technology

We know that your ability to concentrate and be efficient is a matter of your physical and mental health. We offer the best environment for the whole you. When you need a little time to think, you can take advantage of our healthy activity amenities.

Coworking Health Amenities

  • Walking trail
  • Fitness room access
  • Shower

You can keep your healthy diet on track even when you are away from home!

Take your lunch break in our bright break room

Our amenities also include:

  • Kitchen area
  • Break area
  • Outdoor picnic area

Our oversized windows open for fresh air, while the Merv 13 air filtration keeps the interior air quality high.

Easy Access to a Better Working Environment

The exterior of Sunrise Solars Coworking is very unique

Sunrise Solar is conveniently and centrally located in Latham, NY. At Sunrise Solars Coworking, you will find all the features you need for productivity while eliminating feelings of isolation with the friendliest people for coworkers.

We encourage you to contact us with questions or to schedule a visit so you can see how working at Sunrise Solars Coworking can improve your work, your business, and your life!

Created 4/16/21