The Daily Gazette on Sunrise Solars Coworking

What makes Sunrise Solars Coworking different from the other coworking options in the Capital Region? John Cropley of The Daily Gazette interviewed Sunrise President Jesse Holland to find out:

It’s one of a number of new co-working spaces across the region and is built around the same general concept: Small, flexible spaces for businesses or entrepreneurs who don’t want to commit to particular square footage for an extended period.

“We’ve designed this a little differently from the other co-working spaces,” Sunrise President Jesse Holland said Friday.

Many feature an open area where tenants sit in proximity, plus some private offices or suites. Sunrise skipped the bullpen layout and partitioned the room.

“Ours is all built out,” he said. “You wind up with a relatively private space.”

There’s also a conference room if more space is needed.

With brand new ventilation equipment up to the latest standards and 14 individual workspaces with walls and windows, the design should provide increased safety from workplace transmission of germs, which remains a concern for many people even as the pandemic subsides.

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Created 8/3/21